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Do your dance ministries need improvement in any of these areas?
  • Need Technique (no dance training)

  • Choreography (need n e w dances)

  • Flexibility (never use full body)

  • Partnering | Lifts | Turns | Jumps

  • Stagnated repeat same movements

  • Stretches (little to no knowledge)

  • Endurance (Exhausted after ministering

  • Need evaluation from spiritual professional regarding your dance potential?

  • Same dancers for years no growth

  • Always use arm movements (need help learning how to improv with the anointing

  • Do not know sign language

  • Need to learn different styles of dance to glorify God

For Church Pastors ONLY, Request Dance Leader Page

".Shalom and blessings, Apostles, Bishops and Pastors, also share with your partnership churches, regarding the anointed dance ministry developmental growth annually. Prophetess Tayo Reed, training to the next level of glory, filled with anointing, will expand dancers abilities, and help their  technical  skills to advance.  With 30+ years of training technical dance such as: ballet, lyrical, modern and contemporary and 35+ years walking with God, my  Prophetic Dance workshop heals, brings out dancers fullest potential, increase flexibility, cultivate a closer walk with God, and help strengthen the ministry to draw the congregation into a deeper worship. My relationship with the Father transforms dance ministries. The Praise and Worship will excel on a technical level ,which is even more excellent .”

Prophetess Tayo Reed

Prophetic Dance Workshop Tour

No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.
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