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Shalom and Blessings

Questions about a Prophetess.

How do Prophets give hope

Prophets gives us hope. They thirst for truth and right, and feel the pain of all discarded people, crushed, ignored, oppressed. They give and get no rest, but stand against the powers that be as signposts of integrity, to point the way, and give us light. Prophets give us truth. God guides us through a rhema word, prayer, the scriptures,The Holy Spirit, and His Prophets.

What does the Bible tells us about Prophet(ess)?

  • Numbers 12:6  (God speaks through Prophets)

  • 1 Samuel 9:9 (Prophet called Seer)

  • Amos 3:7 (God reveals His secrets to the Prophets)

  • Mosiah 8:16-18 ( A Seer can know of things past and things to come)

  • Luke 1:70 (God speaks through Prophets)

  • A Prophet teaches truth and interprets the word of God.

  • Prophets are the voice of God.

  • Call the righteous and unrighteousness to repent. 

  • Teaches revelations hidden for the Kingdom of God.

  • Give directions from God for the Body of Christ

  • Prophesy the future and coming events so that the world maybe warned.

  • Preach the doctrine of Christ, The Anointed One.

How is a Prophet or Prophetess chosen?

  • A true prophet(ess) is always chosen by God 

Prophet(ess) are characteristically different

First and foremost, prophets are consecrated to God thereby making them seem a bit strange. Many live solitary lives and have few or no friends. Because people don’t understand them, their listeners disregard what they say. For that reason, Christians and unbelievers frequently reject and shun prophets. Likewise, they reject the message and the messenger.

These tender-hearted servants yearn to hear God’s voice. Of utmost importance to them is monitoring their words so they don’t mix human judgment with what God says to them. When they do speak, their words are full of Christ’s compassion and love.

Prophets may agonize over the message God gives them because they know the listener may become angry. Plus, prophets grieve when human error causes them to misinterpret divine revelations. They endeavor to complete specific assignments God gives them and are careful to not venture into spiritual areas where God hasn’t led them.

Having said that, how do you know a true prophet from one that isn’t?

  • True Worshipper

  • Intercessor 

  • Meekness - Jesus is our perfect example.

  • Knows the word of God

  • Forgiving

  • Filled with the Holy Spirit

  • Fearless - Fears the Lord not man

  • Trusts God 

  • Pure Heart

  • Integrity, whole, entirely completeness.

  • Exercise discretion and strong discernment

  • Have no agenda but God’s agenda

  • Obedient

  • Good Listener

  • Have wisdom

  • Compassionate

  • Fearless , bold , courageous

  • Prophets fight for others but they do not defend themselves. They let God defend them instead.

  • A complete confidence focus on the Lord Jesus and His word. Have the mind of Christ. They only let God change the instructions. 

  • Spiritual discernment in the lives of others

  • Willingness to suffer for speaking the truth without saving self

  • Ability and authority to judge the manifestations of prophetic gifts. A prophet serving in a recognized and acknowledged prophetic office has the ability and authority to identify and judge the presence, display, and use of prophetic gifts in others. In other words, a prophet has the ability to recognize and identify other prophets (both true and false).

How to Receive a Message from a Prophet

Anytime a person tells you they have a message from God for you, listen to what they say, Then, go to God. Let God confirm or deny spiritual truth from heaven. God may reveal what’s in your heart that needs to go (if anything). If you don’t like a prophet’s message, that could be the enemy lying to you about God’s servant. Sometimes people consider others as false prophets when in actuality they receive direct counsel from God.Moreover, exercise discernment to sort through the message to determine if it’s divinely given or originated from a human heart. 

A prophet calls people to action. If you oppose a true prophet, you stand against God. That’s a dangerous place to be in your walk with Him. If God confirms the prophecy through your spirit, He wants you to start making adjustments in your life you may not want to make.Prophets spend huge blocks of time interceding for others that God places on their hearts. They resolve to please God but know rejection is a component of completing God’s assignments. Prophets also grieve when they know the person rejects the message and continues sinning. You will never hear true prophets brag about their role in the Body of Christ. Ask any true prophet and they will tell you it’s not a position anyone should want. The job entails living a holy life in a fallen world and saying words that make people think they know everything or resent them from living a righteous and holy life but the truth is they do know everything when God reveals it and they have to be Pure and sold out for God to hear from God.

If we refuse to receive a prophet, we refuse destiny. Where there is no destiny there is no future. The Church then becomes relegated to the narrow existence of the here and now. The prophet is the key to the Church’s destiny and power. True Covenant Believers, Christ Followers, we are the church, the “Body of Christ”.True Prophets may preach a word you have never heard before. If you are familiar with scriptures God can give more revelation of his word that is not a perception or opinion of the prophet. As you study the word of God, to show yourself approved unto God, he will always confirm his truth, to you spoken by a Prophet.




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