About Tayo Reed

A Minister at heart all her life, in a family with a legacy of Pastors for generations, and a natural desire to inspire people with the word of Yah "God". When asked, "Why she care so much", Her reply is "Because people care so little." 


Tayo Reed sang country music in the 90's, now Minister, Prophetess, and Author currently have singing gospel music in her vision. She produces animated biblical videos, children programming and host of a Kingdom TV Show, call Tayo Reed Daily Truth with Inspirations on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube strong-days Monday throught Friday. The notification reminders for subscribers are sent when ministry episodes are posted.

Ministry Background

Tayo Reed has helped and ministered to thousands of children for over thirty years as the CEO, choreographer, accredited edcuational and program developer of performing arts center, preschool academy, and private academy K - 12 which is virtual currently and expanding to franchises with partnerships, a projected vision. As Director and Founder of the  non profit outreach ministry the vision is national for the kingdom.

Tayo Reed accepted Yahshua Jesus as her  Lord "Adonai" and Savior at 18 years old. She was raised by her granny and granddaddy from the time she was born until eight years old, the primary years as a child, that sculpted her foundation, being trained up spiritually. She developed a love for our Yah "God" during that time.  Her Granny took her to church regulartly and would tell her about God during those years.

Ministry History

Prophetess Tayo Reed served as Ministry Director for ten years with Pastor Creflo Dollar at World Changers Church International over the Children, Teen and Adult Dance Ministry, with a combined number of hundreds, served in Human Resources, and ministerd during special ministry in dance and drama for church anniversary, women's ministry, Pastor's Appreciation, and Pastor's requests.

Her area of ministry continued with Pastor Gary Taylor of Open Door Ministering for seven years, leading to a position over the Foundation Christian Academy as Director and Coordinator of the Performing Arts Department.Yah God then lead Tayo Reed to Bishop Dale C. Bronner of Word of Faith Catheral for many years as a member.  She currently is full time travelling Minister and Prophetess lead by Yahshua Jesus online. Request for Prophetess Tayo Reed.

Founder of worship place